Looking for Quality Paint Repair in Twin Falls, ID?

Looking for Quality Paint Repair in Twin Falls, ID?

Find out why you need professional auto touch-up paint services

Don't believe what you read about DIY auto touch-up paint kits. They'll never blend in with your car's existing paint. Auto paint is made up of several layers, and each one is applied with an atomizer. A primary paint color and brush can't recreate that color or finish.

If you need paint repairs, look to the pros at The Auto Spa. Arrange for an auto touch-up paint job in Twin Falls, Idaho today.

Count on us for skilled auto painting services

A bad paint repair job can look worse than leaving the damage as-is. Work with the experienced restoration team at The Auto Spa to remove all trace of your fender bender. Our auto painting process involves:

  • Matching your vehicle's paint color
  • Restoring the paint job
  • Applying a clear coat to seal it
Call 208-316-2181 to set up an auto painting appointment at our shop in Twin Falls, ID.